Welcome to My Portfolio

I am excited to start a career as a programmer in the Video Game Industry, it has always been close to my heart. Ever since I was a kid I have always played video games, from Mario, Zelda and Sonic the HedgeHog to Assassins Creed, Borderlands and of course Halo. I have spent many, many (and many more) hours enjoying the imagination and hard work that so many people put into these games and I want to be a part of that.

So, I hope you enjoy my website and I will be updating it as I go through my course with new games I have created and new content.

Well I am at the end of my course but not the end of my journey...

I'm now done classes and a couple of weeks into my software development internship at University of Western Ontario. I'm aiding in the development of software that can be accessed through the campuses intranet, that gives the faculty an easy to use interface to their database information that is relevent to their department. I am using alot of the skills I learned during class C#, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, just in a differant way. I'm also using my previous education in Network Engineering, mostly my SQL database training for this project as well. I have to learn new things for this project as well, like .NET. Should be a fun and challenging project.

Watch out Video Game Industry, Here I Come!!

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